Online-Interview mit Viktoras Kulvinskas

Hier ist es, das erste Online-Interview der Reihe mit Viktoras Kulvinskas mit einer Ankündigung von Prof. Johanna Sophia:

„Finally: gather around for our first RECOVERY LESSON with Viktoras – I just love him. Don’t know, not just because he is a genius… he’s also so, well, just totally honest and no pretenses… and so loving!
„Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.“ John F. Kennedy
How many push-ups can you do? 100? — I can’t do ANY (proper ones) but I LOVE practicing and I promised Viktoras I’d let him teach me.
His life is such a motivating story:

He did not talk until he was 16. Then Love and Libido drove him to recite poetry and he began to speak. At the same time, fasting turned him into a math genius and he became one of the first computer developers working for IBM. But he was ill and suicidal.

Now, at age 77: HANGING upside down in yoga poses and doing 400 push-ups!!! – He is The Great: VIKTORAS KULVINSKAS, author of the evergreen bestseller Survivel in the 21st Century.
Do you want to learn how he recovered?

He’s a true genius with the Einsteinian troubled childhood only to become the godfather of the Raw Food Lifestyle, world renowned Enzyme Specialist, Founder of

He opens up our summit of now 25 or 26 interviews! I know you will enjoy them. What’s different about them? They are not preachy, they are just very personal, incredibly informative conversations with these great minds who have changed the world and can set our perceptions right on what is truly healthy food. They enable you to restart your recovery or even go beyond how well you were before…

As of SUNDAY, June 7th, 2015, here is my first speaker interview! Each interview will stay live for only 3 days. So tell your friends to sign up and catch it soon! Copy the link below:

I can’t wait for your comments!

I know you will fall in love with Viktoras just as I did –
Love and Happiness to you,

Yours with Compassion and Dedication
Prof. Johanna Sophia
CEO, Johanna’s Raw Foods, PBC


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